Bernhard Truley

Bernhard Truley

Born in 1972 in Vienna, lives in Lower Austria.

The art of painting, the color and use of different materials creates boundless freedom in the design. Each component used challenges, claims to be processed and processed. The play of colors, to live out the abstraction, to give the viewer of the pictures space for free interpretation, to awaken emotions, to create a harmonious unity through my hand with color, structure and depth, has become true passion.

In my paintings I use acrylic paint, ink, quartz sand, natural carbon and much more. They carry several layers and usually arise free in the work process.


  • Vernissage in the art studio Erich Horns 2013
  • Vernissage in the art studio Erich Horns 2014
  • Kartausen Cafe Mauerbauch permanent exhibition 2014
  • Salettl Purkersdorf Permanent Exhibition 2014
  • Vernissage in the art studio Erich Horns 2015
  • Salettl Purkersdorf Permanent Exhibition 2015
  • 6th Kunstrad Langenzersdorfer gallery-le-art 2015
  • Vernissage in the art studio Erich Horns 2016
  • International Art Fair ART-Innsbruck 2016
  • Vernissage Anniversary Celebration Dr.Huber Regelsbrunn 2017
  • Vernissage Gallery Friedl 2018
  • Schmankerlheuriger Göttlesbrunn Exhibition 24.08-18-11. 2018
  • Vernissage Art Salon Castle Schönbrunn, exhibition 23.11 to 19.12..2018
  • International Art Fair ART-Innsbruck January 2019

Member of the gallery le art
Member of the Professional Association of Fine Artists of Austria