Bernhard Truley

Bernhard Truley

Born in 1972 in Vienna , living in Lower Austria.

My livelihood technology,  my counterpoint  painting!
Through my family I was already familiar with colors, cuts and nudes as a child.

In my youth I was fascinated by the watercolor paintings of a family friend , the painter Axel Bergmann and years later the amazing works of another friend, the painter Christa Lisa (Acrylic on canvas).

After visiting numerous private viewings , my desire painted myself become even bigger, I wanted  to try it in my own way. So I tried teaching myself several years ago. Thrilled by color and material I came quickly to my limits so I sought contacts with other artists to be able to work in a shared studio.

In good friendship and under instructive work, I could improve my expressive abstract style and my love for painting was considerably deepened. The art of painting, color and use of various materials gives unlimited freedom in designing. Each component used challenges and will be edited  and processed. The play of colors, living out the abstraction, to arouse emotions have become a real passion of mine. My concern is to create a harmonious unity through my style , paint, texture and depth. In my pictures I deal with , among others, acrylic paint, structural pastes, gel, silver sand, coal and many other components. My works consists of several layers and is created in a freely labor process.

My work has been published at different openings and at a permanent exhibition.

Member of : Artists Erich Horns, Purkersdorf.