Irene Höll

Irene Höll

She has been living and working as a freelance artist in Aßling, district of Ebersberg, Upper Bavaria for 30 years.

In 1980: studied the didactics discipline art education as part of a teacher training course at the LMU Munich.

For Irene Höll, artistic work means “being alive”. She wants to orient herself to the laws of life, to satisfy her curiosity. The associated dynamic processes and changes flow directly and without detours into her work. Feelings and moods express themselves directly in colour, form and technique. Always on the lookout for impulses, the artist experiences new life situations, encounters or impressions as a source of inspiration for her own work.

Constant repetition means standstill for her.

Consequently, her settings, working methods and pictorial contents change frequently.

At present, the artist gathers a lot of inspiration in nature. By alienating what she sees and presenting it in a new or unexpected context, she creates abstract paintings.

The artist chooses the means of creation based on the living, tangible world.