Elsbeth Baumann – Melmer

Elsbeth Baumann–Melmer

sculptor and painter
Lives and works in Tyrol.

She has been working as a stonemason since she was 18 years old
( scripture – symbolism – gilding )
She started in her youth with painting in watercolour later she used acrylic. With the profession as a stonemason she became more and more courageous.
From engraving to ornamentation.
From the bas-relief to the 3 dimensional sculpture.
A sculptor who works with marble and granite has to deal with a material that has its own rules. She learned to get involved and to feel how the stone wants to be processed.
So it transfers its energy and dynamic to her and she pour her soul and emotions on it.
It is a centuries old struggle between the (soul of) stone and the human.
Concentrated observing and the resulting action are very important elements in her life
and of course for all her creative work.

Kunst Forum Salvesen
Galerie le art
Artistikamente – Pistoia

Exhibitions and Fairs
Galerie Theodor v. Hörmann – Imst
Art Plattform NYC
A & D Gallery – London
ART Innsbruck
ADAF Amsterdam
Galerie Friedl – Wien

Sculptor Symposiums
In Österreich – Italien – Schweiz – Kroatien – Russland