Petra Traxler-Pilgram

Petra Traxler-Pilgram

Petra Traxler-Pilgram

Art, philosophy and psychology are the three constants mutually influening the life oft he artist. Born in Villach in 1966 the artist visited numerious drawing and painting courses during her studies in Vienna, studying both with academically renowned painters and at the künstlerischen Volkshochschule.

After her first exhibition in 2012 at the gallery M,she increasingly occupied herself with Picasso, Matisse,Chagall,Malewitsch and the Wiener Kinetismus. Based on these studies she developed her individual style. Humans gradually moved in the centre of her attention. Of particular interest are the unconscious,forbidden and shadowy sides of human personality.

Humour allows these aspects to resurface and acceptable in society.

The artist lives and works in Maria Anzbach and in her studio in Ollersbach.

Moved figures, associations and figures of speech in black and white painting

The artistic play begins with figures of speech: in the process mental pictures become visible and are turned outside and described with words. This process is accompanied by a dialogue between conscious and unconscious, mind and emotion,word and picture. The connections are formed by associations while the point of contact is in the outside world.

The artist also calls her figures “moved figures“ in an equivocal sense. On the one hand, the viewer should perceive the movement within the figure displayed and, on the other hand, the movement expressed by that figure.

“People or situations are not always to be understood unequivocally. The perspective oft he viewer is decisive. This is why my pictures mostly have several titles- I call them associations. These are to be continued in the outside world.“ (P.T.P.2017)