Markus P. Müller

Markus Müller

Markus Müller

In 1977 the dollmaker, puppeteer and sculptor Markus P. Müller made his first puppet.

10 years later, the former hobby became a profession.
Since then he built up more than over 200 characters of both free and commissioned works . In his workshop you will find not only art dolls but also theatrical figures of various playing techniques and sculptural creations. Material and artdesign of his creations vary according to the figural types. So there zou can find carved beside modeled figures. Specialty of the characterization are both bizarre but also portrait figures, which are always designed a bit like a caricature of the replicated original.

The applied knowledge of the numerous working and construction techniques was studied by the artist both as a self-taught and acquired through work and as company of international colleagues and artists.

Beside his main work as dollmaker Markus P. Müller sometimes works as a puppeteer and Magician and is also involved in stage design and construction of theatre props for small and large venues.

Since a few years the artist is working also on sculptural figures.