Johannes Hickelsberger

Johannes Hickelsberger

Johannes Hickelsberger

His interest in fine arts started in the early 1990.

He developed an artistic technique and style described by himself as „Fotodigitaler Eklektizismus“.

The artist takes the work of well known artis of different periodes and interprets them in his own personal way using modern techniques in combination with fotographic elements.

Through this way the original picture’s expression, pictorial appearance and style are being presented in a different way.

As a result the pieces of art become not only a „re-creation“, but, at the same time, also a „new creation“.

There are no limits to which this technique can be applied to, it stretches from the antique to the present time.

The artist chooses a piece of art and draws inspiration from it, which he then presents in his own personal style. This in turn triggers a new interpretation of the colours, the variety of style and the, sometimes opposing, impressions in the beholder. 

The result can be ambiguous, the message the same, but often enhanced, while the beholder anticipates the known origin of the piece of art.

Further to the art of „Fotodigitalem Eklektizismus“ the artist has over the last years been experimenting more and more with interpreting digital fotography using a computer. His focus is on imaging and interpretation of the human body.

exhibitions in the local area since 2008