Robert Posch


Robert Posch

Born on the 25´th of October 1952 in Graz

Additional to his hobby as painter, he started his career as technical engineer.

But beside his job color was always his real ambition.

The first exhibition started in 1992. After his long term parallel activities as technical employee and painter and finishing his job as technician in the elevator industry in 1998, his decision at the end was for the colour.

Since this time he is working as professional painter. His travelling lead him from Bali, England, France and a lot of other countries all around the world. During all these journeys, not only the countryside and the people where dominant. And also the emotional power of color, with it´s ability to show the real feelings grew more and more in his importance.

Robert Posch works very dynamical with Oel color in his pictures. The result are very powerful and colorful expressive art works . The exploding colors and abstract forms put the viewer under electricity.

Robert Posch likes to play with different colors forms and exceptionally materials in his pictures.