Herbert Meißlitzer

Herbert Meißlitzer – at work

born on 29.7.1960

Even as a child he was fascinated by the street artists he saw on his travels.

He started his artistic path as an autodidact in 1991.

Participation in a watercolour seminar was followed by many hours of self-study, individual lessons with the academic painter Aichholzer/Pörtschach, seminars with Prof. Albert Hoffmann/Gloggnitz, Heinz Schweizer/Villach and Bernhard Vogel/Salzburg.

In his works he plays with perspectives and colours to give the viewers the feeling of being involved in the works.

Numerous purchases in private and public spaces

numerous participations in art fairs as well as annual exhibition in our own garden with open studio

Exhibition in various galleries at home and abroad
Gewölbe Gallery Klagenfurt, Kreativ Raum Gallery/Vienna
Gallery Spazioporpora/Milan (August)

Since 2014 independent management of painting seminars
2018 Consultant in the field of watercolour painting at the Kunstfabrik Vienna
From 2018 also lecturer for watercolour seminars at Kunst.Sommer.Viktring

2014 Watercolorclub-Meeting Würzburg, 2nd prize
2019 International Watercolorfestival in Fabriano/Italy – Delegation Austria
2019 1st OlympiArt in New Delhi/India
2020 Artfair Luxembourg represented by Galerie van Gogh/Madrid (September)