Hubert Radauer

Hubert Radauer

He was born in 1961 in Upper Austria, where he lives and works. His profession as carpenter led him to an intensive involvement with different materials.

On his search the world of „organic forms“ came across, which he transforms in cabinetry and interior design. Out of this he asked himself about the relationship between art and craft. Where creative ideas and new approaches can be discovered?

Consequently an intensive artwork in the areas sculpture, stone, wood, clay and metal began.

What does the stone tell me, what exists, what was created by nature, what is set by nature? His work is a living continuation of what nature already created. The questions „What does the stone want?“, What do I want?“ create a dialogue – an inner conversation – which fix the further steps.

An involvement with the forms „convex“ and „concave“ and the corresponding crossover begins.

His first priority is to create sculptures, that follow the criteria of vitality, that can be captured while being touched.