Sabine Kofler-Michaelis

Sabine Kofler-Michaelis

Sabine Kofler-Michaelis was born in the North of Germany in 1963, where she spent most of her childhood . After several years in Upper Austria and Vienna she moved with her family to Seebarn in 1999.

She is engaged in drawings, ceramics, paperwork and watercolor painting since her youth. In 2006, she discovered her love for acrylic painting and deepened her possibilities of expression by participating in numerous art seminars from domestic and foreign lecturers.

Various techniques are combined and a wide range of materials are used in addition to acrylic paints: sand, pigments, ash, coal, paper, marble powder, rust, wax, pencil, ink, oil pastel chalk, structure paste. The main motifs, also in her abstract artworks, are nature and landscape.

Sabine Kofler-Michaelis: “Painting is a passion for me, and I enjoy the creative activity, which makes me forget time and space despite highest concentration. I paint in order to make the things that touch me, visible and understandable to myself, by placing it on the canvas. Often I follow only a certain color harmony which is in mind.”

Since 2011 the paintings by Sabine Kofler-Michaelis can be seen in numerous solo and group exhibitions.