Alexandra Thöni

Alexandra Thöni

Alexandra Thöni

Alexandra Thöni (born 1976) works and lives in Lans, Tyrol.

„Painting produces the greatest possible freedom on limited space.“ The game with the color, often embedded in materials such as paper, plucking or polystirene glass, fascinated by the artist as well as experimenting with various mainly pasty techniques, using various as a supplement to the brush.

Her work is characterised less by a mentally-visual or external specification; much more is each of the pictures snapshot of creative development, before and during the development process. The artist´s works take shape in direct interaction of (inner) eye and hand.

“This type of creative work for me is the maximum expression of inner silence and satisfaction. The sense of joyful detachment, if I feel that is a picture of the nears completion and gets „discharged“

I think it is a great privilege, that what I do, the viewer responds and some of the emotion that what I feel during the creation process gets transmitted.”

Surprised by the positive response in her environment she dared 2014 the step into the public eye and adopted since then to several exhibitions and art fairs in her hometown and abroad. She also refines her artistic handwriting through participation in art academies.

Joint exhibition with Anita Maria Bernhart and Louise Neuner in the Galerie Bertrand Kass

ART Innsbruck

Marziart International Gallery Hamburg, exhibition at Studio Marziart

Training “painting as a personal expression” under the direction of MA Michael Siegel at the 37th International Summer Academy of Fine Arts art didacta in Innsbruck