Gerti Mauch

Gerti Mauch

Born 1950 in Ortmann, Lower Austria, lives and works in Vienna.

She has always been highly interested in the old masters. Especially how the representation of the faces of the figures, the perfection of the colors, the image – and room design was placed on paper, canvas and wall. She is particularly fascinated by the art of painting in the Renaissance, which she took as a model.

To provide this perfection serenity, she has started with the – a little bit – employ experimental Acrylics and to bring their portraits and figures in conjunction with the “Modern Painting”.

Old masters slightly changed, and the compound of the modern, is now her “experimental” way.

Numerous exhibitions in Austria, one exhibition in Germany.


Oil, acrylic, gold plating

Ceramics, glass, wood, watercolor, pastels, fabric


Almost everything except for landscapes