Linde Maria Pauschenwein

Linde Maria Pauschenwein

Linde Maria Pauschenwein

Grown up in Wiesen in BGLD. Lives and works in Vienna at present.

Worked  as Dipl.Educator at a secondary school for many years.

From 1972 – 1984 employed at schools in Güssing / Burgenland and Vienna.
Since 1984 freelance.

 Painting and writing are important aspects of my life.

Creative impulses for acrylic nude and watercolor painting I took part at workshops/seminars of AWAD KRAYEM, Martin POHL, Helmar BAZINGER, Prof. Günter POVALNY and Gerhard GUTRUF. from 1996 – 2000

1976  KUZ Güssing -1. Group exhibition (Batik). Invited by Hellmut Andics.

The varying moods of the landscapes in the cycle of  seasons accompany me as a subject for my paintings.

In 1996 I started painting with acrylic. Since then, the abstraction in my paintings improves. To the colors and surfaces in rhythmic moving tension I very often write poems and haiku.

The abstraction offers me a wealth of opportunities. I am fascinated by the freedom of the act of painting. In this painting processes I am always thrown back entirely on myself. I project my thoughts on the canvas and let them speak through the power of colors. Experimentalism speaks through my paintings. I want to reflect the joy of playing with colors.

My aim is to trigger feelings and emotions through colors on the viewer.

Intensive exhibitions in recent years. Many solo exhibitions. Here are some examples:

GALLERY KASS in Innsbruck (2001),
MED CENTER NORD -Graz (2011),
Gallery the exhibition Wien 8 (2012),
Gallery KORNEUBURG and gallery at the Konzerthaus Ziersdorf (2015)
Invitation to art fairs ART INNSBRUCK; ART SALZBURG, VIENNA ART 2001, 2002 by Innsbruck gallery.
2003 collective exhibition LONDON
2001 name change on my birth name Pauschenwein!